Donation Items Needed

Donations we are VERY interested in are as follows:

  • Cat Litter (Clumping or Yesterday's News-Type)
  • Cat canned food (PATE)
  • Any dog or cat hard kibble with brand names of MEDI-CAL or ROYAL CANIN
    other food brands can be donated to our food assistance program
  • Towels and small to medium sized blankets in good shape
  • Laundry detergent
  • Antibacterial hand soap/sanitizer
  • Lysol wipes
  • Cat toys
  • small cat beds

Donations that are often dropped off that we CANNOT accept are as follows:

  • Bed sheets
  • Shredded cat canned food
  • Dog or cat hard food of any brand other than MEDI-CAL or ROYAL CANIN (unless they are interested in donating it to our food assistance program)
  • Comforters
  • Towels or blankets that are ripped or not in good shape
  • Large plastic pet bowls/containers/carriers
  • dog or cat treats of any kind
  • pillows


Although the Lincoln County Humane Society enforces provincial and federal statutes, pertaining to animal welfare, we do not receive any funding from these levels.

Therefore a substantial amount of our funding comes through donations from our supporters and the general public.


Monthly Planned Giving Plan

If you would like to support the work of the Lincoln County Humane Society throughout the year by making monthly gifts, you can sign up for LCHS' monthly Planned Giving Plan.

Monthly Planned Giving Plan Form


All donations to our Humane Society are tax deductible, and help off-set the cost of running this important non-profit organization. All monetary donations over $15 are 100% tax deductible and official tax receipts will be issued.

Your donation will also assist us in helping all of the animals within our care or within our service area. How can you help?

Donations can be made through several means.

You can make a donation through either Paypal or

Please provide your mailing address when making the donation if you would like a charitable donation receipt.

Donate Now Through!
  • You may wish to mail a cheque to our shelter:
    160 Fourth Avenue, St. Catharines, Ontario, CANADA, L2S 0B6
  • You might want to give us a call and we can accept your donation over the phone with your credit card.
  • You could also contact us at the shelter (905-682-0767 ext 508) to arrange for monthly debit or VISA / Mastercard donation.
  • Or you could email us at to obtain more information or to make any donation arrangments.

All donations are gratefully received - however you choose to donate, it will directly assist all of the animals of Lincoln County who really need your help.

Please provide your mailing address when making the donation if you would like a charitable donation receipt.

If you wish to have an acknowledgement sent for your donation, please forward your message and a full postal address for the intended recipient of the acknowledgement to

Please call the shelter to arrange to make a donation at 905-682-0767 ex: 400 or e-mail at

Thank you for your support!


In Kind Donations

You may wish to make an in kind donation. Throughout the year we hold several fundraisers and any new items you donate can be used to raise funds or may be used directly by the Humane Society.

Please look at our wish list to see if you might be able to help!

We are very grateful for any donation you make and all donations really do help the animals! Thank you!



Please consider donating to The Lincoln County Humane Society, in St. Catharines in your will. Bequests are an integral part of our funding as well and our existance would be in jeopardy if it were not for generous donors who remember us in their final wishes.


Wedding Place Cards

Click here to see detailsAre you getting married? Do you want to try something different? Now you can make a donation to the LCHS in lieu of wedding favours. In exchange for your support, we will provide you with place cards to notify your guests of your thoughtful gesture!

Please give Jane a call for more details or to make the donation at 905-682-0767 ext 400 or


Stretch and Scratch

the Stretch and Scratch is excellent exercise for caged cats! Please visit their website to find out how you can order Stretch and Scratches for LCHS

Donate a Bed

Donate a bed and give the gift of comfort to a shelter dog or cat. Your bed donation will make a world of difference to them.



Please provide your mailing address when making the donation if you would like a charitable donation receipt.

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