Our Mascots


In 2009 a stray kitten arrived at the shelter. Looking surprisingly like Sprat, he quickly charmed all the staff. Tarps became a hit and he was graduated to mascot status.

These days Tarps spends his time patrolling LCHS, greeting people and visiting schools, hospitals and retirement homes.

A fun fact about Tarps name… it is ‘Sprat' spelled backwards in honour of his predecessor.


Pete joined the LCHS Mascot Family in 2010. When he first arrived at the shelter it was with the intention of finding a family to give him a loving home, but before long it was decided that Pete would make a wonderful mascot.

Pete is a very social cat and has recently started making appearances at community events. He impresses everyone with how laid-back he is.


Nola joined the LCHS in 2005. Her name is an acronym for New Orleans, LA which is where she was rescued following Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Nola greets visitors in our lobby and is always ready for a belly rub. Her duties include community visits to senior care / resident facilities where everyone is always so happy to see her.

There is always much curiosity about Nola's breed. She is a Corgi dachshund mix.



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