Happy Tails

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If you would like to share your happy tail about an animal adopted from LCHS, please email us at happytails@lchs.ca!


Bessie & Thomas

It's been just over a year (September 2015 and October 2015) since these two goofballs came into our home and our lives!

They both love playing in the snow, Thomas loves the water too (he's even jumped into the bathtub with the kids!!!). Bessie is rarely out of hand's reach from someone, always wanting the love and attention that she's become so used too. They love the kids and are very protective of them.

Their antics keep us laughing all the time....and when the days are done and it's time for bed - well let me tell you...instead of turning in on their nice cozy warm dog beds beside our bed, these two curl up between us in our bed sharing our pillows all night long!

We are so blessed that Thomas and Bessie are part of our family. Thank you LCHS and LCHS Rescue Group!!!!!


We adopted Bean at the start of the summer and we've been smiling ever since. This little puff of fur has been an incredible addition to our lives. She gets us moving, going on walks, and gives us all of the cuddles you could ask for.

She came from the streets of Mexico, all the way up here to the cushiest of dog beds.

We are so happy to have been lucky enough to adopt this little cutie.

Thank you

Watson and Guinness

Well, friends, today was an important day for me. It's been 6 months - 6 WHOLE months! - since I decided to rescue someone.

I gotta tell you, it was a good choice. There's that warm-fuzzy-feeling that happens everytime I think of what her life would be like if I hadn't come along. BUT, instead, there's happiness, and cuddles, and love (and fur!) - and it's all because of me. I decided to rescue her - from the first time she came into the shelter to see me.

It's been a fun 6 months. I got to really know my furbling, Guinness. (He taught me where the treats are kept!)

I've made my mark on my house - mom seems to think it's hers, but Guinness and I know better.

I've charmed her friends, I've slobbered on her pillow, I've leaned into every wall and leg I can find. I've scared squirrels from the porch, barked at neighbours walking past, chased cats along the fence, jumped for flies in the house, saved the world from every squeaky or over-stuffed toy I can find, and generally been a Very.Good.Dog.

Sure, there have been some ups and downs - up on the couch to sleep;
down on the floor to play with toys;
up to keep an eye on the neighbourhood;
down to the dog park to run (and drool!);
up the street on our morning walk;
down the street on our evening walk;
...you get the idea.

It's good. I like it here. I love my family, and they love me too. I am a very happy dog!

I'm so glad I chose them to rescue - and I know they feel the same way. I wish every family was as lucky as they are, to have been chosen by a dog like me.

With snuggles and tail wags,


It's been three years since Henry (formerly Darryl) adopted me on October 2, 2013. He's doing fine and has been a great cat and a great companion. Thank you for Henry.

Yours sincerely,


Just an update on Romeo, he is doing very well and is very happy, he likes sleeping, chewing on his toys, swimming and long walk at the dog park.



My name is Kendra, and I fostered bunny named Prince Blueberry (now named Blueberry or Mr. Blue). At first Blueberry was very shy but as I fostered him we all fell in love. Now he jumps into my bed every morning and kisses my chin while getting head pets. I knew at that moment I had to adopt him, I couldn’t stand him not being in my life. Mr. Blue. He snuggles me for hours and he follows me around when I walk around the house. He’s the sweetest little boy.



Just had to show off these photos of Mickey (formerly Duke). He is doing really well and just loves his squeaky toy!!

Thanks so much, LCHS!

Francie McGlynn

Ricky Bobby & Indy

Hey guys! Just wanted to give you an update as we near our one year anniversary since we adopted Benjamin- now Ricky Bobby. I cannot say enough of great things about this dog to everyone we meet. He is a wonderful addition to our family. Not only has he adjusted wonderfully with our first rescue from Bark, he has actually helped her become a better dog! He gets along amazing with people and children (totally turns on the charm) and pretty well with all other dogs he meets. He will play fetch forever with his ball and then curl up beside you for a nice long nap! Thankyou again to everyone at the LCHS for all your hard work and everything you do to help find all these animals homes?. Keep up the great work!

Here are some pictures of Ricky and his sister Indy!

Amy Wise

Harley & Rocky

Rocky loves his new sister Harley. We often find them sleeping together like on the couch below or running around arguing over that rope! He has learned to play fetch kinda, and we're working on shaking both paws and laying down.

Rocky is great with children and other dogs and thoroughly enjoys sunbathing on the deck!

Jon Sanders and Amanda


Hey guys! Just wanted to give you an update as we near our one year anniversary since we adopted Benjamin- now Ricky Bobby.

I cannot say enough of great things about this dog to everyone we meet. He is a wonderful addition to our family. Not only has he adjusted wonderfully with our first rescue from Bark, he has actually helped her become a better dog! He gets along amazing with people and children (totally turns on the charm) and pretty well with all other dogs he meets.

He will play fetch forever with his ball and then curl up beside you for a nice long nap! Thankyou again to everyone at the LCHS for all your hard work and everything you do to help find all these animals homes?. Keep up the great work!

Here are some pictures of Ricky and his sister Indy!

Amy Wise


Dear staff and volunteers,
I have been in my furever home for 4 days now! The first 2 days I was very nervous and sore from my operation, I didn't want to leave my special area and had a few accidents. Mommy and Daddy took it all in stride, spending lots of time cuddling me and talking to me and letting me rest.

Once they saw I was on the mend, they brought me my very own kitty condo! I love it and spend all my time snuggling and playing in it! I haven't met mommy and daddy's other baby (I'm pretty sure he's the giant dog who I keep hissing at through the door) but Mommy assures me we will be great friends. Thank you so much for taking such great care of me while I was waiting for my furever family, I hit the jack pot! (Check out my new sweet digs!)

Mr. Puzzles (Maximus)


Dear friends,

A week ago I was Rex, one of many dogs at LCHS. You, the staff and volunteers there, were great; you loved me as best you could - but it wasn't 'home'.

Then... I met someone. I was aloof with her at first, not even making eye contact, because I didn't want to be hurt when she left again. But she kept coming back to visit, and even brought her dog Guinness to meet me once.

And then everything changed - my great adventure began! The lady and I left the shelter - I knew I'd be safe, because you all looked happy as we went outside. I was taken to a store where I had a nice bath, and then I got a new just-for-me collar. Then a fun car ride, to a house, and Guinness was there! He showed me all around the house and the yard - there were so many things that needed to be investigated, and we played lots. Then the lady took us both for a walk, and gave us treats. She showed me a dog bed, and a toy box, and sat on the floor with me, and let me have the 'alone time' I really needed.

After a few days I stopped being nervous. The lady kept smiling at me, and petting me, and talking nicely. Even when I made a mistake - there's a lot to learn in a new place - she seemed to understand I was trying my best.

And so I trusted her... I started looking her in the eye. I perked my ears when I heard a name I liked - Watson - and that made her really happy. It made me happy, too - with a new family I think a new name is a good thing. She says "Watson" is a curious and clever sidekick, and that fits. I decided to give her a new name, too - I call her mom. I'm trying so hard to be the best Watson I can be.

Mom says I'm a big goofball. I like it when she rubs my tummy, and pets my ears, and brushes my fur. I nuzzle her hand, or leg, or whatever I can find! Both Guinness and I get 'good morning' snuggles as soon as she wakes up, and 'goodnight' right before bed. Guinness and I do our best to walk nicely when we're out (but there are SO MANY SMELLS!), and we play until he needs a nap, so then I play on my own. My favourite toys are the ones that make noise - the louder the better! Mom's favourite game is to put all the toys back in the toy box, so I keep pulling them all out for her.

I like to keep watch over the house, sitting at the front window, to bark at the squirrels in the tree or at the cars driving past. Every time I go outside in the yard, I make sure to do a full perimeter search, to see if there are birds to chase. I'm sure I'm helping mom and Guinness by keeping such close watch.

It's only been a week - so far! - but it's HOME. It's where I'm safe, where I love and am loved, and where I know I belong. So thanks LCHS friends - you were great when I was with you, and I know you helped me find my forever home. Now I know why you were happy when I was leaving!

Tail wags and nuzzles,


Bandit really has an awesome personality. He is meshing will our family and he is definitely a handful :) in a good way, he keeps us on our toes as he is very active and boisterous.

My daughter and him bonded over minecraft yesterday. He laid beside her, at one point she had even put a blanket on him as he was falling asleep. Him and our miniature daschund are getting on as well. He has been accepted by the little one. We are cautious though keeping an eye on them and never leaving them alone just so that we can monitor and correct any dominance quickly. He "corrects" easily as well. I find you just need to make a gesture like put out your hand in a stop motion and call his name or snap your fingers, and he snaps out of whatever he is doing. He is such of goof when he plays - it is really a lot of fun.


Its been almost three months since i brought Mozzarella home. I knew when i brought her home i would have to re name her but it was important to me that she picked her own name. She was. A little standoffish at first avoiding me and the other kitty 'Orchid'.

Then a week went by and I came home to catch the two cats cuddling.

Another week and someone was seeking into the bed for cuddles. She's such a lovable critter. With the help of my mother I came up with the name Snugglebug. Bug for short.

Bug came into my life after I lost a kitty and her cuddles and purrs helped to fill that hole in my heart. I just wanted to thank all of you for giving me the gift that is the newest addition to my home. And let you know that this "soft like mozzarella cheese" kitty is doing well.

Thank you sooo much.
Krystal.Orchid and Bug

Dizmo and Arnold

It's only been about a week that we have had these 2 and they have been such a joy arnold is more the family dog social and loves being thw center of attention!

Dizmo is the mama we call her because she is protective of the kids and Chris is her favorite! They are very well trained never bark or jump and are very gentle!

We are really happy we took them into our home.


It's been almost three weeks since we adopted Sally and want to let you know how well she's adapted to her new home.

If you recall, Sally was a very shy and afraid little girl. For the few days, she pretty well stay confined in her room but was eating well. She's shown great progress, with each day, and no longer runs and hides. She seems very comfortable now, follows us around the house, enjoys play time and even cuddles up to sleep with us a night.

She is such a beautiful, friendly and loving cat. And we are thankful for being able to give her a happy & loving home she deserves!


She is so friendly, nice and loves to be the centre of attention. She gives kisses, sleeps in our laps and loves to play with toys!

She seems comfortable and happy in her forever home. We love her so much!


Hello. My name is Satin (in the shelter it was Kelly Clarkson). It's been about 2 months that I've been in my furever home. My mommy tells me I'm a very good little girl and she loves me. I wake her up for work every morning with lots of kisses and purrs. And I greet her every night when she comes home from work. I have lots of toys and lots of places to nap when I get tired. But I especially like the pretty twinkling Christmas tree. I'm almost 9 months old so this is my first Christmas and mommy keeps telling me about Santa Claus and how he's going to spoil me because I'm such a good little girl. ‎I can't wait. I want to thank all the nice people of LCHS who kept me company until mommy came and got me. Merry Christmas to you all.

Lil Lady

My wife and I wanted to share this of Lil Lady

She is getting used to the house and is exploring now! Very cute and she gets along with all our animals.

Zoey on right is from LCHS as well. Plus we have two cats, the one cat is also from LCHS and originally her name was Maxwell from you I do believe and my son named him Hemi. Our other cat is Sierra.

Lyon & Angela TenBroeck


It's only been two weeks since she came home with me but Bentley and I have become very attached. She enjoys watching the hamster move around her cage and laying in the sunlight that washes across my bedroom floor in the afternoon. She frequently makes herself at home amongst the sweaters in the drawers under my bed and beside my pillow when I sleep. She's cute, she's chubby and she's my baby :)

Walter & Lily

We adopted Walter (formally known as “Rocky”) back in May 2015. He is a 3 year old brindle “bug” (pug-boston mix). We had wanted to get a dog for a while at the time, and I had grown up with a dog my parents had rescued as a kid, so my spouse and I felt that rescuing was the way to go! Walter was actually the first and only dog we had looked at. We woke up on a Sunday morning, saw his picture and lucked out by being the first people to go see him that day! After filling out the paperwork, we left (without Walter due to the application process), got into our car – and knew we had found the right dog. Walter is a grumbly, passionate dog who loves to be loved. He has proven to be a loyal, protective dog to us, and has filled our hearts with so much joy! Although he has needed training due to how passionate & protective he is of us (and his new little sister, Lily), he is making so much progress, and we are so proud! Now we have two dogs who love each other so much! Walter absolutely adores his baby sister Lily. He spends all of his time either running around our backyard with him, or snuggling up on their giant bed together (snoring away)!

We just wanted to express how grateful we are to have had Walter come into our lives. Thank-you to the humane society for entrusting us with this precious life, and giving him the chance to make ours so much better.

Andrew & Emily


Good morning!

Just sending in a Dexter update, we took some photos with him this weekend and he just looked so handsome I couldn’t not share them.

He’s doing so well he’s such a sweet boy. We do have some trouble when strangers come over, but as long as they can deal with his initial craziness he warms up quick. He loves his big brother Harvey so much, they love to chase each other around the yard and play fetch together.

Thank you so much for making that video of him playing and posting it online, it really gave us that push to go in and see him again.

Have a lovely day!


We have changed her name to puma, which she responds to well. We have had her for about a month now and she has since healed so well from her surgery. She is so playful, yet such a snuggle buddy.

We love her so much. She follows my husband and I to bed and sneaks under the blankets and falls asleep. She is so spoiled and loved and she has adjusted to being here very well.

She is doing very well. Attached are a few pictures, all of the others are her and my husband sleeping and I don't think he would want me to share those.lol. Puma adores him though that is for sure.


Hello to all the staff at the LCHS. I am here to tell you my Happy Tail story from my new home in Niagara Falls.

First off I would like to tell everyone how happy I am in my new home with my Mom(sitting on the chair with me) and the rest of my new family, they take very good care of me. They came into the shelter in August to look for a puppy and they were so happy to see me, but I was already adopted by someone. I was so cute, I was adopted 20 minutes after I arrived. They were sad that I was already gone, but they kept coming in to see if I was still here, and I was.

Lucky for me, my first adoption fell through and my new forever family took me in as one of their own. The next day, they came to pick me up and bring me home to meet my family. When we got there they bought new toys that I love to chew on and lots of yummy treats. My mom takes me to the Chippawa Vet Clinic for my check ups and shots, and one day I went to a Puppy Kindergarden class and met another puppy named Rocky, he was a little shy and I wanted to play, but we kept our distances for a little bit because he was a little scared.

I have learned lots of tricks from the puppy class and even more at home, like every time my mom gives me a treat, I give her a high five. She was trying to teach me 'shake paw', but it became high five. I also love running around in the backyard, the yard isn't too big, but it's big enough for someone to chase me around and play with me all the time.

I also have a new friend/sister named Tammy, she is a black cat, she's 5yrs old. My family adopted her three and a half years ago. We like to share treats near the basement door, but most of the time when I want to play Tammy doesn't want to. She wasn't really fond of me at the beginning, but we are getting a little better and starting to get closer together.

I have also made a lot of other friends around my neighborhood this one lady across the way, she always comes to see me every morning when my mom is at school. She has a dog as well, his name is Bentley and we always play outside together, but he was the same as my sister the first time we met, but we have really gotten closer as friends and we always play together when we get the chance.

I might be a crazy puppy and might make my family mad sometimes when I chew their things, but I know they will always love me and take care of me. I love my family very much. I know you all miss me at the LCHS and so that is why I'm sending my Happy Tail story to you today. Woof!!



Helooooooooooooo to all the staff at LCHS. I’m sending this Happy Tail Tale from my new home in beautiful Elliot Lake, but you’ll have to excuse any typos because I was up all night trying to show Papa the eclipse.....to no avail of course, because it was a rainy, cloud-filled sky. (I tried to tell my new owner that, but he’s a little slow if you catch my drift.)

First, as to the trip here. We left LCHS around 10:00 on Monday morning and arrived in the northland shortly after 6:00! When Nadia told me I was going to the lake, I didn’t realize she meant halfway around the world! It’s very nice here....the leaves have already started their colour change and the evenings are getting quite cool now. The days have been bright and sunny and just great for exercise.

My new home is a bungalow on a corner lot, and I have a nice fenced yard where I can chase a new ball, and ‘do my business’. I’ve already taught my owners to throw the ball, shake my leash, wipe my feet, stoop ‘n scoop, and how to give commands like Sit, Lay Down, Stay, Come, Take it to Papa / Mama, and Drop it. They’re elderly but catching on quite nicely....I think they’ll manage with a bit of effort on my part!

I showed Papa a great place to run and chase the ball / stick and it’s nice and close to home. It’s a fenced ball field and I make sure the gates are all closed and secure before I let him take me off leash or throw the ball. The space around here is just huge.....I LOVE it!

I have a sleep mat in the family room for when we’re watching the Blue Jays games, and a nice comfy bed in the bedroom for sleeping at night. It took me a couple of days to work up to my usual appetite, but now I’m eating regularly.....(they’ve even managed to secure my Royal Canin food) and I’ve completely recovered from the trip here. Did I mention how long the freakin’ drive was!

Mama took me to see the vet (Dr. Wannan) last week, and he said I was in perfect condition, and in the prime of my life.

I’ve met some nice squirrels, chipmunks, the odd cat, and lots of other dogs walking by. I don’t hesitate to let them know that this is MY yard, and they’d better have a good reason to visit or even pass by!

We go for walks every day, and I’m learning some of the local history of Elliot Lake as written by a variety of breeds of dog on fence posts, light poles, and fire hydrants. My owners tell me there are a lot of bears and raccoons in the area, but I haven’t seen any to date.....maybe soon!

That’s it for now. Just wanted to check in and let you know how my new home has adapted to me. Thanks again for all your care and attention while I was a guest at LCHS. If you’re ever in Elliot Lake, be sure to stop and say hello....(make sure you’re well rested before you start out though....did I mention, it’s a long drive?)

Love and waggy tail to everybody there.....



My 14 year old cat, Amber who I obtained as a kitten, had to be put down in early May 2015 due to kidney failure. She was a loyal and beautiful cat, but would not let anyone else touch her, scratching anyone who tried. I decided that the next cat I obtained would be an adult with a known personality that was friendly to everyone.

In May 2015, I adopted went to the Lincoln County Humane Society and met with a few cats one on one in their meeting room. Each one showed no interest in me, except for Maggie. I had never seen a cat like Maggie before. As a 7 year old cat, she was only 7 lbs and had long very fine hair. She was the first domestic long hair cat I had ever seen. She had a tabby face surrounded by a mane and she had an ostrich plume-like tail. She immediately came up to me and wanted to be cuddled. She was like a kitten and a living doll. I instantly decided, possibly a bit too quickly after being snubbed by the previous two cats, that I really wanted to take Maggie home.

Once at home, Maggie proved herself to be shy and hid for over a day. Once she did come out, she was very slow to eat anything. Within two days, Maggie bonded with me and she is now my loving sweet friend. I call her my "little sweetie" because she is so small, gentle and has such a sweet temperament. Anyone can pick her up and she never bites or scratches. She will only gently wiggle to show she wants to be put down. She makes the strangest trill sounds and purrs so quietly, you can almost not hear it.



Hi there!

I know you guys miss me a tonne and I miss you all SO MUCH too but WOW you guys did such a great job finding me a forever Family! Every day is filled with rub downs, snuggles, walks and treats!

Dad and I wrestle - it's so much fun but he's not as tough as I am so then he has to rest; Mom says he's just old. I have a job too - and Dad says I'm the best he's ever had - I keep the squirrels out of the yard!

I have so many balls and toys and Mom says I don't even have to bury them because they are all for me but I don't know if I believe her because every time we go in the backyard they throw them and I have to chase them to get them back - I think I will keep burying them just to be safe!

Oh! This one time I chewed my sister's new high heels and Mom thought it was funny because she said my sister should have put them away....but Mom didn't think it was so funny when I chewed her flip-flops.

These guys love me SO much - as much as you guys do - and it is a lot quieter here because there are no other dogs to get me all wound up. I don't have to share anything with anyone else and I am the centre of their universe....ahhhhh just how I dreamt it!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Please give everyone a squeeze for me and let them know I am doing super duper! I love it here!

xoxoxoxo Duke


Sparkle, Now Nina

On August 25, 2014, we adopted Sparkle. After having to euthanize our 9-year-old cat, Boots, on August 12, our 2-year-old Little Kitty was lonely and sad without his sister. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for another cat, but my daughter and husband wanted to have a “look” at the LCHS since the adoption fee was only $25. When we went back into the cat room, I spotted this petite little grey girl with her paws crossed, just chilling in her cage. As soon as she was put down in the Social Room, she flopped on the floor, stretched and showed her tummy to us! She was the one!

Sparkle’s history is sad: came in as a stray in May with 5 babies and only 1 survived. She was quite sick for some time. Her papers indicated that she was 6 years old but I felt she was maybe 2. Our vet confirmed that. We brought her home that day. I kept her separated from our other cat, or tried, for the first night. She meowed and banged on the door. I would lay in the room with her, and she would purr and purr, but wanted out of the room so badly! I finally just let her out, and she ran straight to our other cat. No fighting. They have been best friends ever since! She loves to groom his big mane. Every so often, they have a good rolling play fight.

We have renamed her Nina, Spanish for Little Girl. She loves her forever home and we love her. Nina is chatty and affectionate. She has a little chirp when she sees you or is touched. She isn’t big on being picked up, but is getting better at it. Nina is a lap cat or will jump up on the bed and lie on our chest and just soak up all of the cuddling and attention. After a minute or two, the drool starts!

A lot of love and good food has transformed our Little Girl into a beautiful cat.



It seems appropriate to update you on Tristan (he is still Tristan) since we adopted him about 2 months ago.  We are truly blessed to have him in our lives.  

What a great dog!  And smart, too.  It only took him a couple of days to train us NOT to leave any food on the countertops. He has settled in nicely.  He loves nothing more than a good game of throw the ball, a long walk, or a ride in the car.   

We could have changed his name, but he was responding well to Tristan, so the name stayed.  However, we did add Spooner as a nickname.  This reflects his love of spooning with the person who might be lying down on the nearest couch or bed.

Tristan has to be the most loving dog that we have ever met.  When he meets us at the door after a long day of work or school, his spectacularly joyful greetings cause any and all stress to dissolve instantly.  We were told he would try to be a lapdog and he certainly is!  Nobody minds.

We look forward to many happy years with Tristan.



Keno is doing amazing! She is happy playing with her new best friend and has settled in nicely. She loves to cuddle and follows us around the house all day long. She has become a really daddy's girl. She runs and jumps like she is still a puppy. She knows so many commands and listens very well when given the commands. We are still working on the food aggression but it has only been a couple weeks.

She is such an amazing girl. We are so happy to have her as a part of our family and so glad we were able to give her the home she deserves to have. We all love her so much!!

Winston Churchill

Prince Charles, Now Winston Churchill

His name was prince Charles when we adopted him, but we've renamed him Winston Churchill. He is healthy, smart, adorable, and most importantly a very happy cat.


This is to say thanks for restoring the health of Sofey.

Taffy ( I did change her name)
By Janet Foxcroft

Taffy is my new co-habitant. Now the house is properly set. Someone – was it George Bernard Shaw who said, ;A house is just a house without a cat'.

Now you know if you say out loud that you are thinking of getting a cat - even if you whisper it in the closet, someone will know someone who has a cat or kitten looking for a home.

And so one day I strolled into the Lincoln Humane Society – just to look. Look! I had to leave to hide the tears brimming up. They all called out to me. "Take me home".

After lunch I decided to go back. One story on a cat's chart tugged extra hard. She had been there since early January. It was now nearly April. She'd been brought in dehydrated and emaciated and obviously very ill. Antibiotics were given but she didn't pick up as they expected. One day she gave birth to a litter of dead kittens. Then she began to pick up but was still not ready for adoption because she had a broken toe. And now there she was sitting silently watching me.

And I adopted her. She was obviously used to a home and attention. The first evening, she curled up on my lap and even purred a little as I stroked her.

So we are learning each other's likes and dislikes. She definitely prefers dry food and water with a little soft food. Smart cat – it's the healthiest diet. And I told her that I would like her to talk to me – and she's does. None stop sometimes.

Taffy had it pretty tough. She must have been on her own on the street for quite a while. I wonder what she remembers.

By Taffy Foxcroft

I suggested this be a page on Facebook that we could add to everyday. But her cat vocabulary isn't up to mine. I just couldn't make her understand.

No problem. I decided that I could add to her article. I had to clarify a few of her misconceptions. She thinks she picked me out, but the truth of the matter is that I knew what to do when I saw her walk in.

You see, I am a descendant of her former cat cohabiter, Samantha and she clued me in as to how I should act. Yes Samantha did use up her nine lives, but we have ways to communicate. And there I must stop. Maybe I'll send you some notes on my own Samantha used to through Janet. I'll check to see what other matters I am allowed to share with you. I am controlled by the Constitution of the Cat Empire your see.

Teddy Bear

I just wanted to send a photo of our sweet boy Teddy Bear (Mr. Bear), as I am sure that some people will enjoy the photo of him walking on his lead. Mr. Bear was adopted from LCHS by my sister, Lisa Lowen of St. Catharines, approximately 13 years ago. My sister passed away about 5 years later and my brother looked after Mr. Bear for the next 5 years. When it became apparent that Mr. Bear wasn't very happy in their busy, noisy household, we were offered this sweet boy and he is now in his forever home. He is not a lap cat, and prefers to be on his own two feet, but he is a lovely boy and makes a great pet. We are so lucky that we were able to enjoy his company and go for walks with him (mainly around the house) in his senior years. It is so amazing having a senior pet.

Many Thanks, Sherry


I adopted Seska approximately a month ago.

She captured my heart at the LCHS when I went in for dog walking orientation. She was in a bottom cage, she was severely over weight, her coat was matted and too thick that her fur was choking her skin so she was very dry and flaky. She has been at the LCHS for almost four months, being missed despite how much love she wanted. When I saw her she had "love me" all over her face. That is exactly what I wanted to do.

In the end I adopted her. The day my mom and I went to pick her up, the vet from LCHS found a chip. My mom and I was sad we may not be able to bring her into the family fold. However, the previous family changed their number, so they could not be contacted. Later I was contacted by the chip company that was in her, I learned her name is Seska and she was born September 18th 2006. Now, Seska is happily living with my family and we all love her so much. She loves to sleep with my parents, she loves to roll around and be pet. She has a beautiful purr. She is special to my family.

Thank you for giving Seska a place to stay until I found my way to her.

Laura Rosati


Wilbur (lchs called him Larry) has adjusted amazingly well to his new home. We are having a few housebreaking issues (mostly due to his tiny bladder) but we still love him. Our 2 larger dogs love him as well, each in their own way. One will wrestle with him until they are exhausted then he will go cuddle with the other. He got to go camping on labour day weekend, complete with a canoe ride which he did not want to end. His favourite spot to nap is anywhere he can stretch across more than one lap. He really is a great little dog.

Simba and Raisin

I just wanted to give an update on Simba and Raisin (formerly Coffee and Celeste). We adopted both of them during the adoptathon in February and they are doing very well and get along great! Simba's gone from a very shy kitten to mischevious and playful cat. Raisin has gained some weight and filled in nicely.

They both love going outdoors on their leashes, and chasing the birds (and pretty much anything else that moves). They have made our house a home!

Lisa and Rob


Just to let everyone know that the little dilute Calico Ticky that I adopted from you is doing very well. She has doubled her weight. We are still dealing with ear mites but she's coming along. She's getting along with our Giant Schnauzer - shown her who's boss. Her coats is nicer and she loves to be brushed. We love her.

Many thanks. Jane Buick


Hello! We just wanted to give an update on Poe! She was named Cherish while still at the Humane Society and we named her Poe because she is so quiet but a little mischievous! She has been such a joy to our family! We adopted her back in May. She was found in a couch and was missing her back leg. You wouldn't know it by the way she runs around! She is such a little cuddle bug and has just melted our hearts. I have never been a cat person but as soon as I met her I was instantly attached. We couldn't have picked a better pet. She gets along so well with our son. The two of them are the best of friends.

Thank you to everyone at the Humane Society for helping us when she got sick and for taking such great care of our girl!

-Charli, Dave and Tyson

Toby and Patch

Hi, we adopted Toby the beginning of July of this year. He has only been here a month and it is like he has lived here all his life.

He is loving,loyal and follows our other dog Patch around like he is his big brother. Patch was adopted from N.F. Humane society 6 years ago and we have the two best dogs in the world!

Terri Hobbs


I just wanted to send an update on Eliot (formerly Archie). Eliot had been found alongside the QEW not far from the shelter when he was brought in on April 3, 2012. I first met Eliot on April 22 and brought him home on April 26, 2012. In the past three months he has gained weight, been on lots of car rides, trips to the beach, daily dog park visits and visits to the local pet stores. He also goes on 2 daily walks...talk about spoiled!!!

Eliot has brought so much joy to my life. In the last 2 1/2 years I have had to put three pets down but adopting Eliot has made this easier. Eliot has become the hit of my neighbourhood; everyone remarks on how cute he is and what a good dog he is. I had a few other names in mind for him but he responded best to Eliot. It totally suits him.....people love his name!

I am always in awe with the work that the humane societies do to help those that cannot help themselves. Thank you again for all that you do; because of your dedication I have a new little man to love!



I have sent updates in the past, but wanted to share another picture of Nicky. We adopted her in or about 2003. We liked her name so we kept it. Since adopting her, we have changed house, moving to Toronto. We live in a condo now, but you bet we made sure that we moved to a building that allowed dogs of her size. This was NOT easy, but we found 1 building that would accept both her and her older 'brother' (a rescued beagle mix, Digger, who welcomed Nicky into our home). Digger and Nicky were some of the luckiest pooches in the building as they moved in a mere days prior to the condo rules being changed and, as such, were grandfathered into this building.

Sadly, Digger passed away last Christmas, but Nicky was there when the vet came to our home and I think it helped. She missed him more than I thought she would and was obviously depressed for a few months. But we gave her lots of love and she is doing much better these days.

She's a beautiful dog and her favourite activities include trips to the country, car rides, and the group dog walks she gets to go on every day. We remain grateful that you considered us a fitting home for her.

Kathryn Pilkington / Jeff Miller


We adopted Sunny from the LCHS almost a year ago now (In the foreground of the photo). He is a fabulous dog. He is full of energy and loads of fun. He keeps Koda, our other dog that we adopted from a rescue, on her toes! As you can see, the two are the best of friends. They can be found either lounging together or wrestling. Sunny LOVES to go to the nearby dog park. He still needs a little work on coming back when called there, but he is a good boy overall. We love having him in the family.

Sean, Tracy & Family

Merlin & Goose

I wanted to pass on my thanks to the LCHS for enabling me to adopt my two favourite chaps, Merlin (he escaped the carry box in the car on the way home) and Goose (he has a fantastic moustache, much like his namesake from Top Gun) (formerly Ziggy and Taffy). I was told that Merlin and Goose needed to be adobted together, and once I met them, I knew I couldn't separate them. These two brothers are easily the coolest kitties around; they are so laid back (much like myself). I adopted them back in October, and they and I haven't looked back since. They were both very curious about their new surroundings as well as a little bit cautious, but within a few days of arriving, and without any pressure from me, they felt comfortable enough to show that they are happily at home with me. Merlin looovvves to have his belly rubbed, and Goose his ears. They both also really enjoy when I get the laser pointer out, and would no doubt chase it across the ceiling if they could.

My friends and family have all commented on how handsome they are, and I have to agree, they are two beautiful guys.

I'm also astounded at how well behaved they are, as they don't scratch my furniture, don't spray, don't bite, and don't hiss or scratch. No, in fact, these two guys are a delight to have in my home, a treat to have as friends, great companions, and seemingly always in a happy mood.

I love them.

Thank you all for your hard and continued work at LCHS!


Hi, this is an update on Yoshi (formerly known as Guinforte). We adopted Yoshi on November 11, 2011. She's only been with us for a little while now, but it feels like she's been a part of our family forever! She's perfect! Yoshi fit in with the pack right away. We love her so much! And now we're just one big happy family.

Before we found out about Yoshi we already owned a 4 year old female Dogo Argentino named Ninja. We always knew that eventually we would like to get a second dog. We didn't know for sure when or what breed, but we always knew we both would like to get another dog at some point in time. And then we met Yoshi and we just knew she was the one. We both used to be Volunteer Dog Walkers at the LCHS. We still continue to participate in fundraisers the LCHS holds and so we are always checking out the website for updates on what's going on. That's how we found out Yoshi was up for adoption. I saw her picture on the website (turns out the picture had JUST been posted that morning) and right away I just had this unexplainable feeling and instantly felt the need to go to meet her.

Her sweetness was calling out to me and there was something so familiar about that sweet face of hers. It reminded me so much of our girl Ninja. I texted Kevin right away while he was at work and told him to check out Guinforte on the LCHS website. He did and right away he called me to say that he thought I should go to the LCHS to meet her. He had that feeling too! And he even said her picture reminded him of our Ninja too. So off I drove to the LCHS to meet Yoshi. I felt like I couldn't get there fast enough. That Tuesday morning Yoshi and I met for the first time and it was love at first sight. Fate had brought us together and I knew instantly she was our girl! She was the sweetest thing and the more time I spent with her that morning the more and more she reminded me of our girl Ninja. I called Kevin from the LCHS. It turned out he had finished up at work early, was given the ok to leave, and he was on his way to join us. Kevin arrived, Yoshi and he met, and instantly Kevin felt all the same feelings I was feeling.

Yoshi showered us with cuddles and kisses. And let's just say the rest is history! The funny thing is as we read the information provided about her we came across a copy of her Papers, and to our surprise we found out that Yoshi was from the same breeder as our Ninja (GAO Dogo Argentino, in King City, Ontario). The girls have different parents, but both came from the same breeding kennel. Hence that "familiar feeling we both had. Needless to say Yoshi and Ninja instantly became new best friends! They do everything together. Yoshi had fun exploring the inside of her new home while Ninja accompanied her around. She quickly discovered her very own food and water bowl, big bones, and kongs. After all the excitement of discovering all these new things and places Yoshi came to find her very own "room (AKA a big crate with her very own comfy comforters in it). In she went. She laid down, got comfy, and off she went to rest her eyes and take a little nap. After nap time we took the girls outside so Yoshi could explore her great big new yard (an acre of land all fenced in, bordered with gardens full of so many wonderful things to smell and explore, lots of trees to check out, nature all around, and sticks galore!).

Our Vet suggested that we wait a little while before we let the girls play outside together, since Yoshi was still healing from being spayed right before we brought her home. So her first venture into the yard was a leashed one. We could tell the girls both just wanted to run free and play. Finally the day came when Yoshi and Ninja could venture out into the yard together and let loose, and boy did Yoshi let loose! She had a ball bootin' it around in the great wide open, weaving in and out of trees, and playing with Ninja. There was so much room to run! So many things to check out! So many sticks to chew! So much fun to be had with Ninja! Talk about sensory overload. After that, we brought the dogs back inside and they both KO'd and slept for a good portion of the rest of the day. We are so thankful for our Yoshi. Yoshi and Ninja are the best dogs ever! Typical of a Dogo, Yoshi will follow us everywhere and always wants to stay close by our sides. Instead of having just one shadow (Ninja) we are now blessed to have two (Yoshi and Ninja)! Yoshi is a very intelligent girl, who already knew basic commands when we adopted her, and she was quick to learn and abide by the rules of our house. Not to mention she's having fun learning new tricks.

We can't express enough how happy we are and thankful we are to have adopted Yoshi. We can't imagine life without her. Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you sooo much to the LCHS and all of their wonderful staff and volunteers!

Andrea and Kevin


I just wanted to give you an update on Isabella. I can't get over that we have had her for almost a year now. She still has a little fraidy cat issues but she doesn't really let me out of her sight for too long. She is my beautiful baby girl.

I can't thank you enough for her. She really is a special gift. She is so behaved and is so lovable and good. She makes you smile just looking at her. As you can see in the pic she smiles back too! We got a buddy for her by accident. She is a little tabby kitten that was more or less dropped on our doorstep. I honestly thought Izzy would eat her. They proved me wrong and are best of friends. They play and harrass each other and the dog actually keeps the kitten in line. When Sophie is doing bad, Isabella comes over , picks her up and takes her and puts her on the couch so she doesn't get in trouble. It's Halarious!!!!

I can't thank you again how much Issy has made our lives complete.

Jennifer, Matthew and Jake Boekestyn


I adopted Monty, he is now called Kevlar (like the police vests), he is an awesome companion, great with the kids, full of spunk and character, he walks with me at work about 5 hours a day six days a week, he is loving all the exercise, and still wants to play, he never runs out of energy, he is smart and already learning shake paw and say please, he was easy to train, and is the most loving dog on the block, he has only been with us 2 and a half weeks and yet it feels like he has always been here, we are so happy to have him as part of our family! ♥


Two days before July 1st I adopted Josie. She was a German Shepard Doberman. She was only six months old. She is nothing but a joy to have. She is still very puppy like, and hyper. She sleeps on my bed and thinks she runs the house. On walks everyone stops to say how adorable she is. She gets along great with other dogs of any size and age. She loves to eat!!!!!!!!!! Im so glad we adopted her, she truly is a joy to have in our lives!



Matt and I adopted Guiness from your shelter in early August. He is the most wonderful dog and we absolutely love him! He brings so much joy to us everyday. My parents have a wonderful dog, Ella (who is also a rescue from the Sudbury shelter) similar in breed to Guiness(that is one of the reasons we loved Guiness so much). We took Guiness for a trip to visit my parents a few wknds ago, and meet Ella. They had a ball together!! They were definately in love. My mom took many photos and put together a 'smilebox' slideshow of the great time these two pups had together. I thought I would forward it on to your happy tails story. We are so happy to have rescued Guiness. They un doubtedly make the best pet and friend you could ever have! :)

Thank you Oxford County for allowing us to bring Guiness into our family. We love him like he is our baby!

Melissa and Matt Abelson


5 years ago I was looking for a dog in Toronto. I was specifically looking for a rottie or the like as those are what I had had in my youth. The kind people at the spca in Scarborough told me that there was a desperate situation at the Lincoln county spca with a much beloved dog named Ruccus. Ruccus had been rescued from a brutal life as a pup and had grown into a large dog (85lbs on the day I adopted her) and being so big, no one wanted to adopt her. She was shy, but very affectionate and had become a bit of a mascot. She was, however, becoming depressed and desperately needed a forever home. I placed a call and there was much excitement about someone coming to see her, however I was unable to get to the shelter until about an hour after it would close. The wonderful staff agreed to keep the doors open for me if I was serious about coming to get her. I was.

I drove the hour and a half to the shelter to be let in by a very kind staff worker who said she was very fond of ruckus and was anxious about her finding a home. I said that she sounded exactly like what I was looking for, and we agreed to let her meet me in one of the meeting rooms. Ruccus was none to sure about this when she entered. I got the feeling that she was very loyal to her friends at the spca, but wary of strangers. We observed each other from a distance for a about 10 minutes. Then she gave a big sigh and came over and sat on my foot and did the customary rottie greeting of leaning all her weight on me. It was instant love.

When we left the shelter there were several staff members there to see her off, and a few tears and I knew I must have a special dog. We drove the hour and a half home listening to the ball game on the radio. ( this still calms her down 5 years later). When we arrived at my house she was anxious, and spent about a half an hour just checking things out and panting nervously. Then, out of the blue, she discovered that there was a bedroom with a big rug and a dog bed on the floor. She was home.

In the next few weeks, I learned who my dog really was and how much she could eat. Once she was past the initial nerves she seemed to be nothing but hungry and in the space of just under 3 months she put on 30lbs. My vet was thrilled and I suddenly had a very, very big 120lb dog in my home and we have never looked back.

We have been through a lot together in the past 5 years or so. We briefly had another rottie puppy named Shy with us that Ruckus ( that's how the vet spelled it and it kinda stuck after that) helped me raise until we could find her a better home. Ruckus has shown that she has a strong protective drive and has killed 2 skunks ( yet never been sprayed. I have no idea how she managed it, because the house got totally covered.lol), a groundhog and three field mice that ventured into her yard. And on more than one occasion warned me about people that she doesn't trust simply by putting herself between them and I and usually sitting on my feet. She adores swimming and feels the desire to protect all of us from the threat of waves by spending hours biting them and chasing them back into the lake.

Her initial fear of fire is gone now. The burns on her tail told a story I am none too comfortable thinking about, but with a little coaxing over the years, now she doesn't hide when I turn the stove on, and falls asleep in front of the campfire.

We've had our mishaps: The skunks. The stealing of a whole bag of gingersnaps then throwing up in the tent while it was raining. The eating of an entire pork loin and the ensuing chase around the backyard with the bone in her mouth. The day we learned she could jump over the 6 foot fence like a kangaroo and followed me to the mailbox.

Ruckus met her new little boyfriend about a year and a half ago. His name is Albert and he's a 10lb King Charles Spaniel. They are inseparable, even to the point where she walks him.

So it was Ruckus's 7th a few days ago and I thought I would say thankyou once again for my best friend. She currently snoring on the floor next to me after a game of soccer in the park.

Cheers all. Here are a few pics and her dogbook address.


Hi! My name is Dexter, but you knew me as Vincent. I have been living at my forever home for almost 4 months. My family is very good to me, they take me for walks, runs in the doggie park, and for swims at the beach. I am really great at chasing the sticks that they throw out into the water. I have no idea why they would get rid of perfectly good wood. I love to eat wood!! I try my best to sleep on the couch when they are out, but they somehow catch me every time. Most days I spend in the backyard, where I protect my family from the evil squirrels that run around like they own the place. I haven't caught one yet, but I will keep trying.

Our first vacation together as a family was a canoe trip up north. It was so much fun. I helped out by carrying my own food. There were so many new smells, it was amazing! I didn't have to wear a leash the whole time, but I made sure not to go far from my new family, I didn't want to get left behind. They even let me sleep in the tent with them, this is not something I'm allowed to do at home.

They think that they picked me that first day at Lincoln County, but it was really me that picked them. I barked at everyone that day, except for them. I didn't want them to leave without me. I am the luckiest dog in the world. Thank you for finding me my forever home.



Greetings LHCS,

It's been a little over a month now and I wanted to share a very happy story regarding our newest room mate, Kiara! (Formerly Martha when she was housed with you!)

Kiara is just a little over six months, and although she's still and growing everyday, she's a very clever little kitten! When we first adopted her, we hadn't known what to expect. We had anticipated adopting an older cat (knowing the younger ones are swiftly adopted), but she reached out for us and I quickly had this feeling; "This is the one for us!"

She's very well behaved and we feel very fortunate! (We are new cat owners after all, so she's been a good fit while we learn!). She always wants to be our sides, and she's extremely curious. She very much enjoys her toy "prey", and proudly carries her "catches" around to either present to us, or to ask us to play. She was recently spayed and has almost fully recovered. She also likes to snuggle up in her kitten bed, or by our gaming consoles (since they're warm). She often greets us in the morning with kisses (apparently, we aren't groomed enough for her!)

Since she's so clever, she often finds ways to get herself into a little bit of trouble. But with a little effort, we trained her to understand "no" and she frequently (although not always), listens!

We are very happy with our newest addition and we are looking forward to many great years with Kiara. If anyone is considering adopting a pet, please, go to the LHCS. Eventually, you'll discover your own perfect beautiful companion!


This is Mack (Julius), he is doing absolutely amazing!!! He is definitely a bed hog, lol!!! He is very well trained and I seriously can't believe no one claimed him.... When I have to leave the house he waits by the door then greets you very happily when you return. Mack lets you know when he is hungry and when it's time to eat as well as when it's time for their walks. It's actually quite funny because he at times runs away from our little dog Gypsy. They both got a special treat yesdterday as I pickerd up 2 smoked bones for them. He loved it!!! We are very thankful for Mack and couldn't ask for a better dog, he's great with kids of all ages and dogs, but is a little barky when it comes to cats. He is definitely a runner/wonderer, therefore he is tied up when outside and never left alone when outside, which is okay with me because it's been like that since we had Gypsy. Now that he is really settling in to our home you can actually leave his food down and he'll only eat when he's hungry and he wont touch our other dogs food when he's done. Thank you again LCHS for such an AMAZING DOG your hard work really does pay off, keep it up!!!

Tiffany Kinney


Hello LCHS! We just wanted to let you know that our adoption of Sophie (she was Contessa when she was with you) has been a terrific success! Sophie adopted us and our home from the moment she walked in the door. You could almost here her sigh and think "finally....I'm home."

She's been with us since January and she is truly part of the family. She's content, well behaved and happy. Now that we know her, I can't imagine how she sat at the LCHS for two months before being adopted! But we're thankful that she ended up with us as she's truly a beautiful dog and a wonderful friend. Included here are some photos of Sophie in her new home.

Thank you LCHS for looking after her so well until we could meet her and bring her to her forever home.

Jackie and Bev


Dear Staff at LCHS,

I've been in my forever home for 5 weeks now and I asked my family to send you an update on how I'm doing. My family came to meet me just before Easter weekend and fell in love with me. They brought my new pal, Bailey to meet me and since we got along fine, they took me home that day. I was a little unsure in that car ride home, but little did I know what a surprise was waiting for me at the end of the trip. I have a big back yard that Bailey and I play in every day - some days if the weather is nice we get to go in and out at will. We go for long walks each day - we live near the Bruce Trail so we do a lot of hiking there. I've met lots of new friends on those walks as well. My family sometimes wonders where the "sweet quiet little girl" that they met at LCHS went - especially when they found out I was sneaking into the neighbours yard and "creatively acquiring" new toys. They thought that the little boy was throwing the toys over the fence into the hedge. Bailey and I play most of the day, though he is not too thrilled when I'm raring to go at 5:30 in the morning and he just wants to cuddle under the blankets. He just sighs and resigns himself to getting up. It's nice to have company when my family goes out - Bailey & I curl up on the couch and wait for them to come home

I'm sending some pictures of me in my new home - the golf club is one of my prized acquistions through the hedge.... I wanted you to know I've settled in quite nicely - my family says its like I've been here forever... Thank you for taking such good care of me and for finding me my forever home...

Blueberry (and my family - Michele, Stuart & Tyler)


While working at LCHS it's hard not to fall in love with every animal and take them home. But in October of 2009 I knew I had to adopt Duke. He had been in the shelter since he was 6 months old. Surrendered because his first owner was moving then adopted and returned because he was just "too active.

I started to notice Duke acting differently in his kennel. He wouldn't come up to the cage to greet people; instead he just hung out on his bed facing the wall. I already had a 2 year old border collie mix named Wesley who could use a friend. I took Wesley to meet Duke and they immediately hit it off. Now Duke and Wesley are the best of friends. They are always looking out for one another and having a blast playing together in my yard. Duke is a big, goofy ball of energy. He constantly has to be centre of attention and needs to be touching either Wesley or I when he sleeps. He is an amazing dog and I am proud to be his owner.

Andrea Berger


Dear Lincoln County Humane Society Staff & Volunteers:

We adopted 3 year old Black Lab Georgia at the end January 2011. Wanted to send an email and update on her!

She is a VERY loving, happy and faithful dog and has fit into our lives perfectly – truly part of the family and man's best friend! She is your typical lab who loves affection, playing fetch in the snow, likes car rides and of course….treats! She's a 70 pound dog that thinks she's 7 pounds! (likes to watch TV on the couch!)

When we first adopted Georgia she needed some leash/walking training, but she's adjusted nicely to her new surroundings and home!

Wanted to thank you for taking such great care of her during her stay and all your hard work DOES NOT go unnoticed to pet owners who adopt from Humane Society!

We cannot imagine our lives without her! We are truly thankful for our new and forever companion!

Gareth Jones & Jenny Reynolds


I adopted Frank this time last year from the LCHS via petsmart on vansickle road. He is now Finnigan and a very loved and VERY spoiled member of the family :)

He's the best kitty in the whole world loves to play and sing and eat treats :)


I adopted River in October 2006. I saw her in the pen and fell in love.

I've never owned a Hound before, let me tell you this dog can howl! She loves hanging out at the window and letting everyone that passes my house know that she is there.

She is so loving and affectionate and is forever dropping her Kong on my lap to be filled with treats. She is great with kids, but other dogs she is still trying to learn manners around.

I would never have thought that an dog who bring so much love into my home. She sits on the stairs when leave for work to get her kisses and greets me at the door when I get home.

I can't believe anyone would give up such a wonderful dog. I'm so happy to give her a forever home.



This is a picture of Storm (dark colour) who I adopted from the LCHS 3 yrs ago. He has the most gentle soul of any animal I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He has given me more joy than words could express. The little siberian husky is his sister who was a rescue. I couldn't imagine my life without either of them.

Sally & Penny

I had adopted my kitty Tillie from "The Way Home" rescue in 2004. She was my only baby girl for almost 5 years before we adopted Sally from LCHS. Sally was at the shelter for over 6 months and I have no idea why! She is so beautiful and affectionate. Truly a wonderful girl. Her and Sally became good friends. Then we met Penny. Another girl who was at LCHS for over 6 months. She started off as a foster, but we knew she would never leave and adopted her soon after. She's a super fun cat. Overwhelmingly affectionate and full of energy. It took almost a year but she's finally been accepted into the cat crew by Tillie and Sally. They are a fun bunch of ladies!

-Chelsey Kovacs


As a cat socializer and small animal socializer at LCHS I was fortunate to meet Milo a few months ago, whose name is formerly Smudgie. I fell in love right away with those big eyes and floppy ears. As a child, my favourite storybook was about a floppy eared bunny who was 'different' from the other bunnies. At the end, he accepted himself for who he was. As a person with disabilities, Milo reminds me every day that it's okay to be 'different'. Milo and I have bonded very well. He follows me around the house, does his little 'love dance' and gives me sweet kisses. He has learned to jump onto my lap for attention, and has even learned to raid the fridge! He befriended a disabled guinea pig I have also, who has since passed on. He was so calm and gentle with her. They shared a special friendship. He loves mischief which makes me laugh every day. He's always good for what I call a 'Milo hug' and sometimes even approaches my guinea pigs on the floor to join in the play time. He has made a wonderful, loving addition to my home and I am thankful every day that I am the one who got to adopt him.


We adopted Ireland from LCHS in July. Here is her story! (and her picture)

Ireland is a wonderful dog. When she first came here she was a bit crazy and suffered from separation anxiety. However after settling in, and with some professional help, Ireland, (who at first wouldn't go in her crate) can now stay at home in her crate alone all day.

She loves playing outside with Taylor and Briar (her best friends) in the ravine in the backyard; although she tries to drag them off the sleds at the tobogganing hill because she thinks the sleds are attacking them. :) The ravine is her favourite place to be. Besides that she loves sunbathing in the living room, and jumping up to look out the window at every sound. She freaks out at squirrels and thinks they are in some secret society, and must scare away every single one. She loves being petted and loves people.

Ireland says thanks to the LCHS for taking care of her until she found her home with the Deboers! Thank you again!


I adopted my cat Falkor in November of 2007 - he was found as a stray, so he didn't have a name when I went in to see him. He was my first pet, and he is such an awesome little friend. I adopted a second orange tabby cat named Artax from the Niagara Falls Humane Society in August 2010, and he and Falkor have become the best of friends! Falkor is a wonderful pet and he has a fantastic and ever-amusing personality. I used to dislike cats and I'm a total dog person, but after adopting Falkor I absolutely love cats too! I'm so happy that I adopted Falkor from LCHS; it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. He is very happy in his forever home!

- Kristen, St. Catharines


In October 2010, my husband and I adopted a Jack Russell named Cassi. She is very cute and very spoiled! We fell in love with her because she is super friendly, cuddly and just loves people. She is our only pet and we often refer to her as the "doggie diva". She gets 2 big walks everyday and has 3 beds in the house! She also loves to play with her toys and has "de-squeakered" them all. She is a wonderful pet and has enriched our lives so much! Here is a picture of Cassi and my husband Mike who has never had a pet. As you can see, she has wrapped herself around his little finger and heart!



I adopted Stella (originally Mica) from the LCHS in June of 2010. She got lucky and wasn't up for adoption for very long before the puppy eyes won me over. I wanted a dog who would suit my active lifestyle and have I ever met my match. She has become my partner in all things adventure related. In the summer we hike, swim, rock climb, canoe, jog and camp every chance we get. Stella's got a few proud moments: Like her first rock climb on an 'advanced' route (which she made look easy) completing her first level of training at the Dave McMahon Dog Academy, and participating in the Santa Clause Parade. Stella is ALWAYS busy. Her favorite activities include: dressing up for holidays, snuggling, squirrel hunting, and hanging out with her great dane buddies. I couldn't have asked for a better dog, and the LCHS provided me with an awesome adoption experience.

Amanda Hemingway

My daughter adopted a cat from LCHS about 2 yrs. ago. Nala had been adopted out several times prior to my daughter adopting her only to be returned for behaviour issues. Nala was frightened and extremely timid when they brought her home. We think she may be part mancoon because of her size and colouring and her fur. She was so matted that the knots were pulling at her skin leaving her in quit a bit of discomfort. After about 8 months and several different types of combs and alot of patience and gentle words and touches for Nala her knots were gone. She seemed much more relaxed after that , although 1 yr. in and Nala still would not come out of hiding and still ate alone and did not interact with the three other cats in the home. My daughter was concerned that she may never come around , and with that said we all agreed her now quiet life of self imposed solitude was still better that what it had been. She was fed and cared for and my daughter understood her need to be alone and granted her that luxury by not forcing her to interact with the household. Well after a yr. and a half Nala started changing , little by little her confidence grew and she would come out and sit in the kitchen , then she started staying out longer and longer . She eventually would eat around the other cats, on her own but in the same room. Then about 3 months ago approx. 20 months into her adoption my daughter was watching T V late one night and Nala came into the living room and jumped on the back of the couch and slept there . My daughter called me in tears she was so happy. Three months has passed since Nala showed up in the living room and now her fav place is to sleep every night above my daughters head on her bed, confident enough in her surroundings to give my daughter a little boot if she is disturbed !!! lol

We often wonder what she must have went through in her short life to have been so afraid, but we do not dwell on it knowing Nala has come so far and today is happier than we ever imagined she could be, She is a resilient little soul who just needed to know she was loved, And we all love her!!


This is Amelia, we adopted her approximately a month ago. We were going to declaw her and once we read about the procedure and how declawing happens and what the cat goes through well........we cancelled immediately! Here's her story...

Amelia, is one the best additions ever! She loves to play fetch!!! She brings rolled up socks to catch, which is very very funny.....she searches for elastics....we put them away, we take them away, we hide them and she will manage to somehow bring one and drop it and then with her front paw move it to you. ( we are very aware of dangers of cats eating the elastic...she does not chew them all, and does not put them in her mouth except to bring them to you but we are always looking to hide them and take them and give her something else, like small balls , rolled up paper and there is always the socks!!)

Amelia...loves a clean litter box. we have found her in the plants initially if her litter box was even sort of messy......so we quickly got trained to clean that litter box sometimes twice daily as that is the way Amelia likes it. She loves the window sills. she sits in them the minute we open the blinds and she has trained us to open them right away for her to take a peek at what is going on outside. She loves outside....a wee bit...she has a harness to keep her safe and with us.....she won't really walk in it - yet , but she does enjoy a bit of fresh air, she lets us know which days she would prefer a bit of outside by talking at the doorway. Amelia and our bulldog Angel ( 4 month old puppy when the new feline addition came along) are getting acquainted. Amelia is slowly letting the bulldog jump around her and they are starting to play. Amelia just had to teach the bulldog to be gentle with her. They are at times lying together now....really adorable.

I thought we were getting a cat that might just lie around and be someone to cuddle and love whenever the cat came around. We had no idea that we were getting an energetic, amusing, entertaining, smart companion for us all. Amelia has retrained us about the joys of a cat. As i write this , Amelia is peaking out of her hiding spot of the grey recycle box she has called home this afternoon....thanks Humane Society.

Jamie Blom and Family


I adopted Chubby from the LCHS. We go for walks in a tree'd area around my apartment and he goes for runs in my moms backyard on the weekends, not to mention plays with his kong all over the place. Despite his slight dog aggression he is really a lot of fun and I am very happy he is my dog. One of the vet techs I know has two jack russels and she says that they have never liked other dogs much and prefer their people. Which is fine with me as Chubby will be my only pet. I can assure you though he is not stressed out at all. We play a lot and snuggle while watching a movie, and he is always wagging his tail or rolling over for belly rubs. He adores my sister as well and loves to curl up in her lap whenever he gets the chance. He is an excellent fit with me and my family. We all love him. Here is a picture of him settled down after some playtime.

- Aysha, St. Catharines


We adopted Thomas the Beagle from LCHS. He is great! I mean the greatest!!! you couldn't want a better dog!!! He is sooo lovable and is always on someone- he will follow you around until you sit down then he is top of you! He weighs 45 pounds now!!!!! But he has a thyroid condition and he has been on meds now for about three weeks so we expect that the next weigh - in he will be in better shape. He loves the cats too! Here is a picture with him- you will see he has a very difficult life!

I just wanted everyone to know that Isabella is the lost family member we were missing. Since we've adopted her she has given us so much love and is the best behaved dog I have ever encountered. We just took our first trip to the Dog park and I took her off lead so she could run around and play. There were no other dogs there,( that we'll save for another day) and I was afraid she would run away. She did her laps and was fast as lightning and when I called her she came right back!!! She is such a good dog and I wonder where she's been all our lives. We are so happy for what your organization does and if it wasn't for you we wouldn't have her!!!!

Jennifer Boekestyn


"I lost my dog of 15 years and swore I would never go through the pain of losing another pet. But after two months, I started looking for another pet. I registered my name with both the Lab and Golden Retriever rescue groups but at that time no pets were looking for a good home I looked on Kijiji and although I found several I liked, nothing seemed to be there for me. Looking on the LCHS website I saw a lab cross female. Read the details on her and had made my mind up that I didn't want a puppy and the training that goes with one and she seemed to fit the bill. When I went to see her in the LCHS kennels, she was more interested in being outside than paying any attention to me. >From her general appearance she was small, a little thin and she already had had a litter of puppies. The caregivers said she was good with other dogs, walked well on a leash and was ab out 2 1/2 years old. Decided she was the one and after the spaying and shots we brought her home. After having our previous dog since he was 7 weeks old, this was a different situation ... an older dog with unknown baggage, how she would be in the house, would she ask for the door when needed and did we need to buy a crate. I have had several dogs and never crated any of them but this seemed to be our only solution. So we purchased one and crated her every time we went out and when she went to bed at night. That was April 2008. She still uses the crate when she chooses but the door remains open both day and night. She has turned out to be one of the most affectionate dogs I've ever had. Taffy has won the hearts of not only my Mom and myself, but neighbours and family friends just love her. I hope all the people who adopt from the Humane Society are as happy with their family addition as we are!"

Gayle Morris

Mack camping, after a roll in the mud

In 2008 was when we first met Mack. His pen was the first on the right, and when someone came through that door he was able to speak up and let them know he was willing to leave his pen for a forever home. As soon as I saw him my heart melted. We didn't anticipate on adopting a dog yet. After a month of wondering and checking the LCHS website daily to see if he had his forever home yet, worried he was an old dog with sagging eyes that may have scared some people away. We decided that his forever home would be with us. We could not have asked for a more loving and loyal companion as Mack. He fits right in with our family, always by our sides. He loves his belly rubs and lounging at the campfire. Everyone who has met Mack has commented on how great of a dog he is, but no one needs to tell us what we already know, we are extremely proud of our Mack!! I could write on and on about how incredible he is and the wonderful memories we have with him so far. We love our Mack wholeheartedly without a doubt.

The Segato's
(St. Catharines)


When I saw Buddy's picture on the LCHS website I knew that he was the one for us. I had read somewhere that big dogs, black dogs, male dogs, and older dogs were at the bottom of the list when it came to being adopted. Well, at 8 years old and 90 pounds, with a thick, wiry, black coat, Buddy had all 4 strikes against him. But I couldn't help but laugh when I saw his big smile in his picture. And when he didn't get up to come to the cage when I went to meet him at the LCHS I had the feeling that he was getting used to being passed over.

It turned out that we were the lucky ones for bringing him into our lives! He is always the one ready and willing to go anywhere, try anything, and no matter the weather he is always by his Dad's side chopping wood, digging, mowing, gardening, swimming, going for jeep rides with the top down, or fishing in the boat! He is the one keeping us young with his eagerness and energy!

He is definitely a true lab with a streak of stubbornness that can test our patience, I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks but only if the old dog decides he wants to be taught! But in the end he is the perfect fit to our family and we appreciate every day we have with him. I hope we have many years left together as he still has alot of good dog left in him, that is for sure! Thanks LCHS for giving animals like Buddy a second chance


When my son, Ryan, was about 10 years old, he wanted a rabbit. So we went to Lincoln County Humane Society to adopt one. We adopted Trix, a grey and white Netherland Dwarf rabbit. He was just what Ryan wanted, and soon he was loved by the whole family. Our cat was quite mature at this time, and accepted him as a friend also.

His only fault was that his teeth did not line up, and so they grew out of his mouth. We took him to the vet's to have them shortened, and it became a monthly visit. He was quite the expensive little bunny, but oh well - he was worth it.  

Trix was a wonderful pet, and lived with us for more than 10 years. When Ryan moved to his own home Trix went with him, despite my pleas to leave him with me. He passed away a few years ago, but we often think of him with love. He left us with many happy memories of a wonderful pet.

Cathy Clifford


We adopted a two year old female stray at the end of March. We had recently lost our beloved dog four weeks earlier, and as we have had a dog in our lives for about 35 years, we felt that it was time to search for a new member of our family. We had previously adopted from the LCHS and have had wonderful dogs.

We have been very fortunate yet again to have found our girl. We named her Willow; she was a stray and she is the most affectionate girl. She is also very well-behaved, gets along with our son's dogs and our neighbours' dog. She is the happiest when she is with us, but we can leave her alone and she is just as good.

I find it hard to believe that someone did not want her, but it truly was a blessing for my husband and I. She is the best thing for us and she is the first female dog we have ever had. We love her a lot; she is a wonderful friend and companion.

M. Lafleur

Although I have adopted a precious pup a year ago that was a rescue from Louisiana, this story is about another animal that I adopted a few years ago - Bandi, my angel dachshund. Bandi was abandoned in an apartment, abused and neglected with serious skin problems. No matter what he had been through, he had a personality beyond words. He was so full of trust and affection, and anyone who met him fell in love with him! Bandi was loved and I feel he had a wonderful four years of life before we had to put him down due to his health issues. Putting him to rest was the hardest thing I have ever done and I feel the loss today as much as then.

I can only wish that people who adopted these marvellous companions will consider the older ones, the not so perfect ones, and the ones whose eyes say 'just love me'.

Pam Winger


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