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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds are a way to stay in contact with several news sources at once. You can use a "reader" to monitor many different sites for new content. Simply put, you can look at your RSS feeds and see all the new content from several sources at the same time.

RSS is a great alternative to e-newsletters as there is no "SPAM" - if you subscribe to our feed, you will get the info - if not, you won't. Instead of 5 e-newsletters from different sources, you can see all your news in one screen.

With an RSS Reader you can subscribe to many different "feeds" - like CBC news, sports results, weather - and more importantly - who is new to LCHS and looking for a new family. The animals for adoption on the web site are available with RSS feeds - meaning that if you subscribe to our feed, any new additions will "pop-up" on your computer.

We invite you to subscribe using the "Google" system RSS reader:

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