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Lincoln County Humane Society has been protecting animals since 1881

The Lincoln County Humane Society is a charitable not-for-profit organization dedicated to the humane treatment of all animals; to alleviate their suffering and neglect, support the human-animal bond and foster an environment in which people respect all living creatures. We will provide safe refuge and compassionate care for animals.

We will pursue workable solutions to the most urgent animal welfare issues of our community, which are animal overpopulation and homelessness. These solutions will emphasize the mutual benefits of bringing pets and people together.

We will provide rescue and control as a lifeline to animals in need, as a necessary service to our community.

We will encourage and provide for pet adoption, animal assisted therapy, pet care education, spay and neuter program and investigations of cruelty and neglect.

As a not-for-profit organization we shall operate these programs with integrity, in a financially responsible manner that secures a financially viable future for this organization with a strong commitment to fundraising and membership development.

Hours of Operation

Mon to Fri9am – 5pm
Saturday10am – 4pm
Sunday11am – 3pm

Adoptions stop 30 minutes before closing